Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend Madness

Between the Poles, 2008, Oil on Panel, 16x20

Today I am finishing up a new batch of paintings that will be on display at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC next weekend. I am excited to have my work there again, as last year's AAF was pretty successful for me and well, I still owe some money on my new attic so I admit that a few sales right now would be really great. I may have jinxed the whole thing by saying that out loud but there you go.

Last year my work was shown by Multiple Impressions, however, since they are closing (sob) I will be with Carrie Haddad at booth A-303, just in case anybody out there will attending the show. I was hoping to go but Doug will be out of town and things are too hectic around here for me to leave for a day or two, so my work will be there without me.

Speaking of hectic, this weekend isn't even officially here yet and my head is spinning with all that is going on. A soccer game tonight, my son is leaving for a Boy Scout camp out, a dinner for my daughters who have working on a triathlon, for which I have to bake a rhubarb cake this morning. The triathlon on Saturday morning, an end of the school year party for my older daughter, dinner with friends, and then on Sunday I have to drive down to Hudson (for the third weekend in a row-oh the fuel!) to deliver the paintings. I also have to stop at the paint store and finally decide on which color/colors to paint my studio, which has to be finished before the floor guy comes on Wednesday to sand the floors. I am only about halfway finished priming the walls and so have much more to do up there.

Oh and we have to finish up the vegetable garden. Everything is planted finally, but we want to cover and mulch the walkways so that the weeds don't overtake us all (more on the garden next week).

But I am thankful for the rain we finally had last night. At least I won't have to spend an hour each day for the next few days, hand watering the garden.


Steven LaRose said...

I've often wondered if a 25% gray wouldn't be nice for a studio wall, but I always end up with basic white. I'm curious to see what you end up with.

I empathize with you regarding the busy factor. I'm just getting started in the studio tonight at eleven. Damn it.

But, you should have seen my daughter in bed with two cats and a dog while I read Alice in Wonderland to her. (She is enjoying the book but I find it very hard to read out loud and too trippy).

Anyway, good luck at your show, even if you won't be there.

Steven LaRose said...

I was just looking at Between the Poles with my super-painter-powers activated.

Let me get this strait:
1) Hot ground. Red oozing sub-cutaneously.
2) Block in shapes.
3) Scratch in detail

I'm liking the recent paintings where you paint less. Amplifying your chops.

Steven LaRose said...

and I do mean "strait"

gr said...

so busy, how do you ever paint?

Tracy said...

Hi Steven, Color post coming this week and I give you the whole story. I think you might have more going on than I do, well except no creepy chickens, but then I don't have a day job plus art.

And thanks for the quick review o super power painter guy:) I like this piece, but so far if has been passed on by two galleries. Guess they are missing the subtleties.

Gary, yes, fitting the painting in can be a challenge!