Monday, June 9, 2008


Two Plus Two, 2008, Oil, 8x10

Well, I just barely survived the weekend. I do have a sunburn and six black fly bites on my right upper arm which are driving me crazy, they itch so bad. But the girls finished their triathlon, and my older daughter who had finished her race, went back and ran across the finish line with our youngest, the same little girl that she usually delights in tormenting. I admit to more than a few tears when I saw that. Sisters, you know? And Doug and I enjoyed a lovely dinner out with another couple on Saturday night. We know them casually, but this was the first time that we all had a chance to really sit down and talk and it was great fun to find all that we have in common.

I delivered my paintings to the gallery for the Affordable Art Fair on Sunday. The moment I drove into Hudson it began to rain and by the time I parked illegally in front of the gallery the rain was torrential. I dropped my umbrella which then blew across the street so between chasing that down and then running into the gallery twice with paintings I got completely soaked. I had to ask Melissa for a towel to dry off with. Sometimes keeping one's dignity is just not possible... And to top it all off, not four minutes after I left, the rain had stopped and there was a bit of sun showing. Typical.

I am going to take a week off from painting, even though I really shouldn't as I still have a few things to do plus a small solo show in mid-July to prepare for. But I have to finish painting the walls in my studio by Wednesday and then I really have to get the walkways covered in the vegetable garden before the weeds eat our plants. We didn't get that finished over the weekend and it still needs to be done.

I will start a new batch of paintings this Friday though and get back to some kind of schedule.

Probably. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the studio.

Deborah Paris said...

I too am waiting in jealous anticipation for studio photos...

Casey Klahn said...

As I've been talking about, my new studio is taking on a life of it's own. Good move to take a week - I just put in a week reorganizing and cleaning the studio in preparation for framing and art projects. Smart of you to know you'll need the focus!

Funny stories on the rain. I'm sure Georgia O'Keefe never suffered so.

Natalya said...

ah the crazyness of it all... love the moments between the daughters, so sweet isn't it... looking forward to your studio!

Tracy said...

I'll put pictures of the studio up soon! It is still looking like it will be a very gradual process moving in up there. I have so much going on besides that! Ack!

Casey, I am guessing that Georgia, didn't drag her stuff around in the rain, but maybe she did and she suffered in silence. Unlike those of us with public blogs:)

Thanks Natalya, yes in between the fighting, I love seeing the girls hold hands, and play games with each other, etc. So sweet.