Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Eggs

I found these two eggs in the hen house, on the same day and in the same nest.

I wonder if these chickens feel any egg envy?

The blue one (I know it looks white in the photo, but it is actually light blue) feels like a baseball in my hand, while the small egg felt small and hard, like a rock.

I cracked them open and was not surprised to get a double yolk in the big one which turned into a great omelet. One of my Araucana chickens lays those big ones once or twice a week or so and all I can say about that is ouch.

But I don't see such small eggs very often and it was interesting to see what was inside of this one. Not much of a yolk as you can see, but Penny thought it tasted just fine, though. She is the happy recipient of our "odd" eggs.


Kim Hambric said...

No chickens allowed in my neighborhood, although I'm sure they were a hot item back in my neighborhoods early days. I am obsessed with chickens and eggs. Perhaps I can do an egg series.

Every year I look forward to the huge county fair near our home. Forget the cool tents, massive livestock, carnival rides, etc. I just want to go look at the chickens.

Thanks for "sharing" those eggs.

Kim Morin Weineck said...

So many people I know get wigged out by fresh eggs. Kind of odd, isn't it. Why is it okay to get them in the grocery store and not from a hen house?

Thanks for your photos. I envy your fresh eggs!

Michelle said...

Egg envy.
I love it.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly crossing my legs and wincing a bit... ouch indeed.

gary rith said...

and therefore Penny will have a nice glossy coat--my Penny had some egg for breakfast today too!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful bright yolks...have you ever painted your eggs? I just realized that you had asked previously about what documentary I was watching about successful artists and the ebb and flow of art. It was actually a documentary series in Canada titled "An Artists Life" where each artist would discuss their own experience as a full-time artist over the years.

Tracy said...

Kim, yes, many cities and towns don't allow chickens. Sometimes you can get away with it by claiming the chickens are pets though. Mostly it's the noisy rooster that is the problem:)

Other Kim, I usually give our eggs away (might start selling them soon though to at least pay for the feed) and there have been one or two people who don't want them. They were a little concerned about the cleanliness. You know, because they weren't scrubbed and sanitized with chemicals:)

Michelle, I am thinking I would have been envious of the chicken laying the very small egg:)

Lauren, Ha! We ladies understand that, huh?

Gary, yep a good result of eating raw eggs.

Veronica, I have considered painting eggs in a still life, (as well as the chickens too) but I don't know. Haven't quite gotten there yet, so am waiting for the inspiration to hit. Thanks for the name of the documentary-I will look for it. Sounds interesting.