Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flower Gardens

My focus this spring has been on the vegetable garden, and I haven't put a whole lot of energy into the flower gardens. Luckily though, they are fairly established and so all I have done is planted some annuals, and put up a few hanging baskets. The beds all need a bit of weeding after our recent rain when they burst forth big time, but overall the flowers are looking pretty good.

Basically our patio is finished although it's a bit of a mess right now and the weeds are crazy out there too. We do still need to add a few flagstones right next to our back step and the goal is to do that before our big party on the summer solstice.

That's Penny enjoying the sun and wondering what the heck I am doing and does it involve food for her somehow. I know that look.

I do not normally go for garden decoration or ornaments, but how could I pass on a pink flamingo? Even Doug (the ultimate snob concerning decoration) agreed that it was a good addition to the back flower garden.


Angela Rockett said...

It's all so beautiful! Your home, your gardens. I'm quite jealous. And sunshine! Here in the Northwest, that would be a nice change of pace.

And the flamingo! You managed to find what must be the only tasteful flamingo out there.

Melody said...

Gorgeous gardens....where do you find the time? Some of our gardens are faring well so far but there are a few that are quite questionable. Everytime I go out there with the intention of weeding, I sigh, feel overwhelmed and go inside to eat some chocolate.

Chris Rywalt said...

I still imagine your house looking like it did in photos from a couple of years ago, I guess -- and the photos might be even older than that. I always think of it as being this run-down house in the middle of a weedy field.

But the house in these pictures, wow, it looks great! Beautiful!

Michelle said...

Lovely gardens. Mine are leaping right now. Time to enjoy before they get so run down looking in Sept/Oct. I love quirky garden ornaments. I saw a tasteful GIjoe once in a Garden. I think if you love your garden, it shows thru.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

What a beautiful home Tracy. Never mind a few weeds - look at all those flowers and all that space!

Brooke said...

Your house is gorgeous, Tracy. I love the Sinclair sign by the back patio. We probably would have bought your Crockett house if you had said you would leave the sign on the garage. ;)

Tracy said...

Thanks Angela, I think you are right about the flamingo-it is very tasteful:)

Thanks Melody, well a little bit at the time plus the backbreaking labor for about a month each spring pretty much takes care of it! I get overwhelmed too and by the end of the summer I just ignore what's going on out there:)

Chris, ah the wonders of a good paint job! The interior has always been perfect but it took us a while to get the exterior going. Thanks! And you should bring the family and come visit ut this summer!

Thanks Michelle, I do love my gardens but I must add that I am a bit lazy in some ways too. If anything needs much beyond sun, air and water (and not even that, I rarely water the flower gardens) I pull out the plant and try something new.

Thanks Katherine, well at least the weeds are green and blend in with all the rest of the green! 22 acres!

Tracy said...

Brooke, was that all it would have taken? Geez, you should have mentioned that:)

Chris Rywalt said...

See, I'm a big fan of weeds. They're green and very low-maintenance. My backyard has become an onion and dandelion garden and I love it. My neighbors...well, none have complained yet.

gr said...

my God, how do do all this?
little kiss for Penny from our Penny too