Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This Week's To Do List

Autumn Scene, 2007, Oil on Panel, 8x10

Since Monday, I have been very busy putting the last touches on 25 paintings, doing the related paperwork and packing them up for shipment to Boxheart Gallery in Pittsburgh. The last batch is going out today but unfortunately I will not be taking a break, not even for a day. This is what I have to do this week:

1. Today I have to do some underpaintings today for a project that I am incredibly behind on. A friend of ours (he and Doug knew each in high school) and for the last two years he has purchased a painting from me in order to use the image on the holiday cards for his company. This year, I had trouble getting an appropriate image painted, because of my show schedule but Steve has been kind enough to push back the deadline to the last possible minute. I have until November 15 to do several winter themed paintings so that he can choose one for his card.

2. I have to prepare the panels (usually takes at least two days) for a "sort of" commission for a client that bought a horizontal 9x18 landscape. She would like another piece that is the same size, but has no specifications regarding the image. My favorite kind of commission! Again, with this project, I will do several paintings so that she can choose one that she likes.

3. On Thursday, I have to ship out four small paintings to Gallery 100 for their annual small works holiday show, "Significantly Small". I have two small flower paintings ready and I will include two water related pieces. I meant to do a few more flower paintings, but to be honest, they did not go well at all and now I don't have enough time to resolve them. Moral of the story: always have at least a few paintings on hand.

4. On Friday, I have to begin a whole new batch of paintings for a solo show at The Harrison Gallery in January, I'd like to get as much of the work done for this show as soon as I can so I won't have to be working too much around Christmas and during the kid's holiday vacation, like I did last year. Right.

Clearly, I have no time this week, or for the next two months for a proper post show meltdown. I will be ignoring all the signs of that this time and hopefully that won't backfire. Heh. Actually, I will be going to Pittsburgh next weekend for the opening at Boxheart and that will have to suffice as a break and/or brief breakdown.


Tracy said...

By the way, I just realized that the post I linked to for the post show meltdown had a memorable comments section. We all decided that I should pursue a nudes/barnyard theme, featuring Chris.

S.L. Peterson said...

Hehe... I remember those comments =)

Anyhow, when you say you'll be shipping 25 paintings, do you mean you're literally shipping them? I can't even imagine shipping 25 paintings - getting 3 or 4 in packed and insured and shipped is enough for me!

It's nice how having deadlines can prevent post show meltdown. I had a week of laziness last month after I delivered the paintings for my show, then I looked at my calendar and realized I'd better get my butt moving if I was going to meet some deadlines!

Angela Rockett said...

Wow, girl, you are busy! Ah, the life of a SUCCESSFUL artist! :)

Still loving your work, by the way.

Christine DeCamp said...

Ah, the price of fame, my dear. Good luck with your to-do list--somehow it will all get done. (I like the nudes/barnyard theme idea--HaHa! I can just imagine it!) In fact, it might go over well here in Point Reyes, with all the cows!

Tracy said...

Stacy, I suspect your paintings are packed much better than mine are. I do kinda thrown together packaging, but I have never had any kind of damage, at least not so far! It did totally suck packing up 13 fairly large pieces all in one day. The remaining 12 were 8x10 and they were pretty easy to ship, I put them all in one box.

And yes, thank goodness for deadlines. They come in very handy sometimes.

Thanks Angela, and I do seem to be going through a rather hectic period right now. It snuck up on me!

Christine, ok, so maybe I should get started on that new direction. I can only hope that Chris is still willing to pose, however:)

danonymous said...

HI Tracy,
JUst a hello to you and DOug. It was great to meet both of you. I have to say that I am particularly enamored by a bust-ass work schedule. Kudos. May a million accidental discoveries come uncovered 'neath your brush strokes.

Tracy said...

Hi Danny! I am glad you stopped by! It was great to meet you last weekend and yes, a bust ass work schedule is always good. Thanks.