Monday, November 6, 2006

The Opening

Path in Front of the Barn, 2006, Oil on Panel, 6x6

Based on the unusually high number of hits to my blog the last few days, I suspect that some of my regular readers are waiting for an update concerning the opening reception on Saturday night. I didn't intend to be coy about it-the reason I didn't post about it was because our satellite was down all day Sunday, which was kind of nice having no contact with the outside world whatsoever. But by Monday morning that wore thin, and since Doug REALLY needs the internet for his work, he spent much of Monday climbing up and down the ladder to the roof in order to get the position right. I don't like for him to do this as I don't think we have enough life insurance on him, but it was a beautiful sunny day with no wind or snow and the repair crew wasn't going to be able to get out here for 5-7 days. So at the end of the day, our reception hit 64 and we have been back to staring at a screen ever since.

I also wanted to thank everyone who left comments and emailed me with words of reassurance and commiseration. It was so thoughtful of you all and helped me feel much better. Thanks!

The opening went pretty well. It was fun, there wasn't a big huge crowd, but clearly everyone knew each other and many people came to see Jane's work, I think. And she did very well, selling several pieces at the opening, including one with a price that made my eyes all buggy-$11,000! That was so awesome! She and I chatted quite a bit, exchanging info about painting techniques, studios and the galleries that we both show at. Unfortunately, the other artists weren't there so I missed out on meeting them.

Carrie was very complimentary about my work and I love that she really appreciates and understands what I do, the palette, the mood, the imagery. As I mentioned though, she didn't care for the large, 48x60 painting and so I was not surprised to see that it had not been hung (Doug and I took it home and it is safely tucked away in our office for the time being). One small piece had sold before we got there and one larger piece, 24x36, sold at the opening to a very nice woman who said it reminded her of a view that she remembered from her childhood. That is what I like to hear! She and her friend were really looking forward to having it in their home. And since Saturday, I believe one more piece has sold, although, as you all know I won't be checking in to find out, because of the jinx factor. Oh, and Carrie told me that several people stopped in on Thursday and Friday specifically to see my work. I think one of them might have been a blog reader who had emailed me to get the details about the show. So hearing about that kind of stuff is really good for the old ego.

But now it is time to put the show, the compliments and the attention aside and gear up for the next show. I have had a very easy week, a pretty good post-show meltdown and now I must start again. I will be preparing panels tomorrow for the first batch of paintings intended for a show in January at The Harrison Gallery.

Gotta keep plugging away.


Lesly said...

Glad the opening went well (no surprise there!) and you made a few sales. There will be more....

$11,000 - YIPES! After that I just had to follow the link to Jane's paintings. Beautiful stuff.

But yours are so original and full of VERVE! Now there's an old-fashioned word!

Well done.

Angela Rockett said...

Congrats on a successful opening, and on on the sales! That's great! I'm looking forward to seeing all the beautiful work you do for your next show.

By the by, you are an inspiration to me. Just wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it went well, crossing my fingers for even more sales!

Peter Yesis said...

Tracy- Thanks for sharing so much of the personal ups and downs of life as a working artist. You are an inspriration to many. Your work will always find a place in people's homes and hearts because you put so much of yourself into them. Pat yourself on the back for the successes you have earned and move on, don't fret about work left hanging. I can't wait to see what new and inspiring work you bring to us.

Tracy said...

Thanks Lesly, and Jane's work is very spiritual in person and the large ones are especially strong. Definitely I have a different vibe (I like verve-that's good!) going, but that's what makes all of this so interesting!

Angela, thank you for the kind words. I am glad to be an inspiration to you, but really I am just doing what I love and keeping the commitments I have made. Just as you do!

Thanks Lauren, I am crossing my fingers too. I need to pay for all the extra work on the porch on our money pit out here:-)

Wow, Peter, thanks so much for your lovely words. I think it is worthwhile to discuss the issues involving working as an artist. When I began painting and showing, I didn't know what the heck was happening half the time. So I am glad that we are able to talk about some of these things here in artblogland.

Lori Witzel said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work you have here...wish I could stop by that gallery and see more, see it "live" so to speak...

Tracy said...

Thanks Lori. I hope you can come by sometime too!