Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, Day 11

Late Summer Evening, 2009, Oil on Birch Panel, 6x12

Yesterday I got the cradles painted and today I will put the picture wires and all that on the back:and will then paint the cradles on another batch of finished pieces. I learned a long time ago to do this part as I go, when preparing for a show. Nothing is worse that trying to do this on all of the paintings at the end of the process, it always gets put off too long and then you find yourself tying picture wire ten seconds before delivering the work. Ugh. Too stressful.

Then it's on to more painting today on the in progress pieces.

Bonus shot of my morning studio companion, Mr. Wilson:He is allowed in the studio for his morning nap, but is only allowed to be on his little bed (he is house trained but there are just too many things in my studio that have new and interesting smells and frankly, I just don't trust him to keep his little leg down) Mr. Wilson is a smart cookie though, he always runs directly to his bed, rolls around a bit, then curls up to nap. When he has to go out, he stands up, looks at me and I quick hustle him outside. Mr. Wilson is almost two but seems to be a perpetual puppy!


Ann Lee Fuller said...
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Shanster said...

I love Mr. Wilson... how cute is he?!

Really fun watching the work and progress - thanks!