Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, Day 12

Horizon Lines (Twenty Four), 2009, Oil on Birch Panel, 6x12

So the last two weeks have been very productive and I am glad I decided to do a really big push to finish the bulk of the paintings now. Instead of waiting until the very last minute which is what I usually end up doing. While that can be very exhilarating, it's a bit risky too.

As of the this morning the tally is:

17 finished paintings
4 are almost finished
4 are in progress
and I still plan to do a large panel, I will prep that this weekend and work on it next week

This morning I set all the finished work out and wow how exciting it was to do that! I never had enough space in my old studio to spread paintings out and look at everything together. I always had to cross my fingers and just hope they would all work together as a group. Anyway, Doug thinks that it's a good group of paintings. He did point out a few that he thought weren't as strong, however we both agreed after recalling his track record at guessing which pieces will sell and which won't, not to remove those paintings from the show. Heh. He's a handy filter, that guy.

I plan to get a lot of time in the studio this weekend and at least make some headway with the unfinished work. But we are expecting nice weather here for the next few days so I may end up doing a little digging in the flower gardens too. Hopefully I can get time in doing both.

Four of the paintings I worked on yesterday:

This is what I will be working on today:

I don't usually post videos, but I am listening to The Band this morning and this is one of my very favorite performances in The Last Waltz. So I high tailed it over to youtube to check out Evangeline (like I haven't already seen it a million times) and thought I'd put it up here too. Have I mentioned my love for Rick Danko before? It's true, I love him. That voice, mmmmmmmmmm. So sad he's gone.......


Natalya said...

go Tracy go! how excellent that you're being so productive, i'm just a bit jealous... hope you do get to do some digging also.

indigomar said...

thanks for the music! emmylou, so beautiful then (and now) and what a voice she (like Rick) has!
The paintings look fantastic!

pattynubs said...

The paintings are so beautiful. I especially like the shots of them laying down on your work table. You get a better sense of what the surface looks like and the depth. I just can't believe how you get so much in some of the smaller paintings. Good selling at the show!

Kim Morin Weineck said...

Very nicely done, Tracy.
It's been great following your progress!

Robyn said...

I'm sitting here with mouth agape (not that attractive) but it's an expression of wonder at what you have achieved. Brava, brava - beautiful, beautiful paintings, Tracy.

sarahfburns said...

I love the music and video! - I can't resist 70's country folk rock, and I have a special spot for waltzes too.

Your show looks like it's going to be great, too.

Tracy said...

Thanks Natalya, it's been nice being so productive, but I am glad it's almost over! Then I can go back to just minimal productivity. Just in time to start the vegetable garden though:)

Thanks, Indigomar and glad you enjoyed the video, it's one of my faves.

Patty, i wish I had taken a shot of ALL the paintings when they were laid out. maybe I will do that next week.

Thanks Kim, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, thanks Robyn, this show did seem to come together pretty smoothly. Nice, because believe me they don't all do that!

Glad you liked it Sarah. have you seen The Last Waltz before. Totally worth checking out if you liked this clip. I finally broke down and bought my own copy so I can watch it whenever i want:)

Miki Willa said...

This group of paintings are so wonderful. I really like your color sense and style. The barns are outstanding. The show is going to be great.

Melody said...

that Emmylou....voice like an angel.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Mika! I am pretty excited about this work too! Now if only the economy would cooperate:)

I know Melody, love Emmylou!

zs said...

Tracy, you are awesome! I love Horizon Lines and wish I could see it in real life.

Jul said...

Your productivity is inspiring! And beautiful works, too. I love the colors.

Tracy said...

Thanks Zoe and you surely must now that I think YOU are awesome! Am totally loving your book, btw.

Thanks Jul! I always think I should be doing more, until I look back on things and see that I did ok!