Sunday, November 9, 2008

House Guest

On Friday morning we came downstairs and found this tangled up in the fake spiderweb decorating our porch:

I thought it was fake at first (last year we put fake bugs in the spiderweb), but then I saw it was moving trying to get loose. Normally bugs don't bother me much but this baby was close to 2 inches long and I admit to feeling a bit squeamish about it at first. Then I took a photograph and I think the flash shocked it, because it was totally still for the rest of the day and his eyes, which were like the size of marbles, looked all bug eyed (hehe). Our oldest son who just so happens to be an expert on bugs and other such things (very handy out here on the farm) told us it was a Giant Water Beetle and so I suppose it got up to the house from the pond, long way to go for the light but whatever.

After school, our son carefully removed it from the spiderweb and returned it to the pond. He says it was still alive but I am not sure that it wasn't blind. I am incredibly glad that it didn't get into the house. Yikes.

And yes, our Halloween decorations were still up a week after Halloween. So sue me.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I was kinda thinking 'two inches? eeeew...'

Melody said...

Mine are still up. I've gotten quite used to the black cat in our window but my small pumpkins are looking a tad black.

Tracy said...

Gary, actually Doug tells me that it was over 2 inches.

We (actually my son) took everything down on Sunday, however I suspect the pumpkins will be sitting out there until well after the holidays, maybe even until spring:)