Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Re-Entry, Sort Of

Self-Portrait, in progress, 2008, 8x10

I am surprised at how strange it still is to be back in my real life. At home things are fine but I feel very odd while out in public. Like I still have those exposed organs. I haven't really seen anyone I know yet, and I haven't even called any of my friends. At first I couldn't imagine why I was feeling like that but today it hit me-I am trying to hold onto my experiences at VSC. When I begin socializing here again, the conversations and new friendships I had there will begin to fade, just a bit and I am not quite ready yet to let that happen. I think that explains why I have been so slow to unpack as well. I still haven't entirely unpacked my suitcases or supplies, although I did take all of my paint tubes and brushes out of the box and set them out on my work table. Baby steps, I guess. I will try to do more tomorrow.

I was planning to take a few weeks off from painting, but it may not last that long. Last night, while surfing the net on my BRAND NEW COMPUTER, I came across the work of Stuart Shils and I also noticed that he is to be a visiting artist this November at VSC. Hmmm.....might have to apply for another residency. Anyway, I am quite familiar with his paintings already but for some reason they really struck a chord with me last night and the urge to get back to work just swept over me. Not that I did anything about it, of course, heh, but I am glad to have that old familiar feeling back again, which is probably why I took the step of unpacking my paints today.

Anyway, enough about my mental status. I am putting up a quick self-portrait that I did on the last day in my studio in Vermont. Actually, I may work into it a bit more, but basically I am pleased with it. It also marks the first time in twenty plus years that I have done a self-portrait. They were never my favorite thing to do, because despite being a pretty self-involved person, actually looking at myself for so long was a bit much. This time it seemed ok, though and besides this one is all about the hair. Not much introspection necessary. Heh. And in keeping with that piece, I am also including my "official" studio shot as well as a group shot of the residents. Kind of a motley crew, eh?


Stacey Peterson said...

Cute picture - and holy crap you have a LOT of tubes of paint!!!!

Can't wait to see the figurative stuff you've been working on - this self-portrait is a good teaser. I like how it's still so much in you're style.

Tracy said...

Thanks Stacey, and that was almost exactly what everyone said when they came into my studio! I don't use many of them, but I like having the options:)

I am trying to get the figure post up tomorrow. There are a lot of images to prepare.

Jayne Rose said...

Great studio picture Tracy. LOVE the tulips...I'm a sucker for still lifes. So when they are combined with your style of painting... holy mama.

Can't wait to see them in color.

Sunil said...

Looks like you are getting into the figurative mode.. Great. Liked your picture with that huge easel there.

Michelle said...

Wow!Same comment as earlier...HOly Crap you have alot of paint!
I like the perspective on your Self Portrait. A nice intamacy without being 'in your face'

Mary Richmond said...

this is so cool--I found your blog last week and a young friend had just emailed me she had been at an awesome residency (I think) in Vermont and when I was reading your posts I wondered if it was the same. Today I looked at the picture enlarged and she is right there--She is a recent graduate and her first name is Amy. I am not comfortable leaving the rest of her info but you may have met her! She was an intern in my art studio two summers ago. How small is the world today????

Katherine S. Crawford said...

Wahoo... there we are! How I miss that uninterrupted creative time. Sigh.

Keep on keepin' on, Tracy!