Friday, March 21, 2008

It's NOT Spring Yet!

Lower Level, 2008, Oil on Panel, 16x16
Things have been pretty quiet here. We have had terribly un-springlike weather the last few days-bitterly cold winds, enough rain to cause flooding and now snow. I don't mind that though, it's a good excuse to stay snuggled up inside for a few more days at least. Soon enough we will be tackling the backbreaking work of spring planting, not to mention the work of expanding our vegetable garden this year.

I have been working in the studio each day and that has been nice. All of a sudden I have several things coming up, including two group shows in addition to the solo show at Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson at the end of May. I am planning to do larger works for that show, the kind I only have room enough to work on one or two at a time and will get started on those as soon as the panels come in next week.

There is one more post in me about the Vermont Studio Center and I will hopefully get that up next week. It will profile some of the other residents that I got to know and will include links to their websites and/or pictures of their studios in Vermont. I'll also include more random photos of the facility and some of the events.

Have a nice weekend all!


Roy Lindquist said...

I found you as a wonderful painter, painting in a way I do like...
Hope to see more of your work..
Roy in Norway
( amature painter )
Teruo Fujieda

Adam Cope said...

fauvist RED barn!!

an off-red weathered barn here, FYI

best wishes & paint on

Tracy said...

Wow, it's like international day here-new comments from Norway and France! Cool! Nice to meet you Roy, and thanks for your kind words about my work. I like your work too, as well as your blog, well the parts I could read:) and look forward to seeing more.

And Adam, I LOVE your barn! Love the colors, the fauvist thing, everything!

Thanks for coming by.

Adam Cope said...

pleasure's mine Tracy

keep those paintings of yours rolling :)

glad you like the red french barns (but the new ones are all plastic or tin now)