Thursday, March 27, 2008

Everything Is Fine

X Doors, 2008, Oil on Panel, 9x18

Thanks everyone, for the encouragement over the last few posts. Taking a break was good for me, the imaginary conversations have quieted a bit! And I had a very productive day in the studio yesterday, so I think things are getting back to normal. Well, whatever that is anyway. I would like to add though, that I think this internal questioning that I periodically go through concerning my work and its place in the art world is ultimately good. I don't really intend on being categorized by others (even if I am) and when I occasionally categorize myself (which I do) I need a little drama to stop. Plus, every once in awhile various forces converge and throw everything off, which is also what got me, I think. Usually, I can work through all of that stuff, but not always, I guess.

However, I do get another short break. Tomorrow, Doug and I are off to spend a few days in the city. I would like to wander through a few Chelsea galleries, and on Saturday we are planning to visit the Red Dot Art Fair and maybe Pulse as well. A number of my dream galleries (ones I hope will consider me someday) will be exhibiting at both of those fairs and I plan to do a bit of reconnaissance work. Heh. And I am looking forward to checking out this whole art fair thing, it's something I haven't had the chance to do before now. You know, because of the whole kid/farm/chickens/traveling husband thing.

I will be back on Monday at oh nine hundred with a full report.


Melody said...

Have fun....a well deserved break for sure

Samter Petuel said...

Hey Tracy,
Just stumbled across your blog - not even sure how.
I like your work. I assume you are a huge fan of Wolf Kahn.
His pastels are amazing. Do you work in pastels also?


Nice work

brian edmonds said...


I read your defense in response to the Vermont studio. I think their critiques are full of the same rhetoric that has plagued the art world for years. Artist should paint exactly what they want. The idea of making art for arts sake is exactly what you are doing. Making strange art full of layers of pretension is as wrong as painting for commerce sake. Are you to be chastised for making money? That is as wrong as making art that no one wants to satisfy your own ego.