Tuesday, October 3, 2006

New Show

Additions, 2006, Oil on Panel, 18x24

Well, I ended up not even painting yesterday. I got caught up with cleaning the house (because I sure have missed doing that over the last few weeks, heh) and then had to go to the grocery store. It was nice to have the break, although I do really have to get back to it today. I still need to finish painting the cradles on the last few barn paintings.

And it seems that will continue to be busy for at least a few more months. I have to do about 15 pieces for the show in November, then I will have to send off some work to various galleries and group shows for the holidays. I had hoped to basically take December off, which is what I have done for the last few years. However, I have just been asked by the gallery director at the Harrison Gallery if I would like to have a solo show in January. Would I?! Duh! This gallery has sold over a dozen of my paintings since I started working with them last spring so clearly it is a good venue for my work. And January is a busy month in the Berkshires, with skiers and returning college students and their art-loving parents. So of course I said yes. I will need to do approximately 15 pieces, depending on size. I am really enjoying working on larger pieces and so most of the pieces for this show will be in the 24x36 range.

The only thing is, when will I get my post-show meltdown? I think I am behind on those.


Ann K. said...

Hey, Tracy---I'm just getting caught up on your posts (we moved last week) and wanted to say "congratulations" on all the work and the demands for more work! I'm impressed. Also, the pink barn in your last post reeled me in---fabulous.

Melissa said...

Tracy, you are such an inspiration!
You are fearless!
I just want you to know that you are partly responsible for my new goal. Which is working in the studio 4 hours a day on my art.
Its been great watching your momentum. I wish I could see your work in person.

Angela Rockett said...

That's all great news! I've just recently started to get a taste of what it's like to have many art demands simultaneously, and reading your blog makes me look forward to taking on more.

And I love your post about the post-show meltdown. I have those too, and it can be really disconcerting and frustrating. After my show in November I'll have to try out your suggestions.

meno said...

A solo show! Hell yes. Just make your post-show meltdowns quick, so you can get working again. :)

Cecily said...

I'm so proud of your success! It's really awesome and impressive.

I was thinking about you when I was up in New Hope; I bet you could sell some paintings there!

Tracy said...

Hi Ann, There is something about a pink barn....whenever I do one it just gets so much attention. Glad you're caught up with me:-) and right after a move too!

Hi Melissa, I am so glad to be inspiring to you! I think your work is wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you'll create with your goal.

Hi Angela, The cookie suggestion is the best and most effective if you ask me:-)

Meno, Yeah, probably wise to say yes to a solo show offer! I think I'll have to make some cookies tonight to help me through the pesky meltdown that is trying to get me today.

Cecily, Thanks so much!

I LOVE New Hope! Doug and I always used to go there and talked a lot about moving there. Wish I could get a gallery there.

Lisa Call said...

Congrats on the solo show! For some reason I saw this coming :) No break for you but a well deserved opportunity.

I really need to buy one of your pieces soon before I can no longer afford one.

amber said...

Tracy congratulations! I live in a rural area lots of scenery lots of barns i always think of your art when I spot something like what you paint
You capture the essence of mystery of what may be inside those building (which without your colors are sterile)Thats it you bring new life to something we normaly see as ordinary