Friday, October 20, 2006

Good Timing

Yellow Strip, 2006, Oil on Panel, 12x16

I am just plugging away, trying to get enough work finished by the end of next week which is when I have to deliver the paintings. The underpaintings are taking their time drying although there has been some progress. As long as they are dry by Monday, I won't be panicking. Well, no more than I already am anyway.

I am going through that thing right now where I am totally second guessing the quality of the paintings that I am putting together for this show. I go through this almost every time that I prepare for a show and I understand it, but still it is a bit unnerving. I was right in the worst of it when I sent out about five jpegs to the gallery. I would not have been surprised to get a call canceling me out of the show that's how badly I felt about my work that day. But Carrie emailed me and said she loved the new paintings and was really looking forward to the show. That was a much needed confidence boost and it came at a really good time, right when I need to find another burst of energy to finish up this next batch of paintings.

Sometimes timing is everything.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah I get that every now and again too, it's the worst feeling. Although my theory is that sometimes we just look at them for too long and then start being really harsh judges. My new trick is to turn them around so that they face the wall and I don't have to beat myself up over them.

Angela Rockett said...

Totally hear you on that one. I'm going through that too, with the same deadline. Maybe I'll try Lauren's trick.

Besides, you have nothing to worry about. Your work is so beautiful! I'm really enjoying this Yellow Strip piece - is it for the new show?

Tracy said...

Hi Lauren, yes it's definitely worse if you keep looking at them for too long. I usually put them away when I am finished as well.

I must add here though that once the paintings are hung in the show I like them all again.

Thanks Angela, but worrying is part of the process I think! Yellow Strip is for the upcoming show and is one of the images that I sent the gallery.

Anonymous said...


I am looking for a gallery in your area, the Northeast. Do you have any suggestions?

Tracy said...

Hi Brian, Everyone who knows me in real life knows that I have many suggestions about everything:-)

Are you looking for a gallery in a big city (harder to get into) or a smaller gallery to start with?

I can give you a list of some of the ones I came across when I was doing research for myself. Give me a day or so to gather a few links and I will email them to you.

Meanwhile, anybody else have any suggestions for Brian? His landscapes are very cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I have done really well in Huntsville
(pop.200,000+)& Birmingham (area pop. 1.7 million). I have work spread throughout the U.S., Canada, & Europe, even though my gallery representation is only in Alabama at the present time. I am seeking repr. in Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago at the present time. The only thing about the South is there are so many landscape painters as is. Even though I feel like my work is distinctly different. My work has a nice *punch* in person (if that makes any sense). Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank You,


Anonymous said...


I hope my comment above will not be taken as arrogant or pompous. I only wanted to give you a little background on my work and where I hope to go with it. I am a very humble person and do not want to be viewed as a pretentious artist.



Tracy said...

Hi Brian, You didn't sound pompous at all, I am glad to have the info you provided. I did go to your blog to look at your resume, so I was glad to hear more info about what you want to do.

Besides, HELLO, you are talking to a person who writes about herself and her work, everyday, ad nauseum.