Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy 50th! And Thanks God It's Not Me (Yet)

I wanted to say a very public Happy Birthday to my dear, but now very old husband, Doug. The last few weeks have been filled with many jokes concerning hair, blindness and memory loss and the kids have been marveling at the fact that they have a father that is a half century old. Doug takes all of this teasing well, mostly because he is in pretty good shape. He actually has all of his hair, it's not gray yet and he is not on any prescription medications.

I am off to wrap a few gifts, make a home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and to plan our little family party.


Bart said...

Congratulations Tracy and ofcourse Doug!
Have a nice birthday!

(Just let them talk Doug, your birthday is just confronting them with their own age... but once they get to your level they will know how relative it all is.... they are too young to know now..... hahaha :-) )

James Wolanin said...

Happy Birthday Doug!

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite son-in-law!!!!

Angela Ferreira said...

Yammi cream cheese cakeeeee!