Friday, March 24, 2006

Mom Days

Blushing Barn, 2005, Oil on Panel, 12x16

Not much of a post today I'm afraid. Today and tomorrow I am overwhelmed with mommy duties. Hair appointments, school conferences, swimming lessons, scout meetings, all capped off by an afternoon at the school carnival on Saturday. We will spend hours in the noisy, crowded high school gym, eating nasty junk food and spending a lot of money so the kids can win plastic toys that I will step on and break within days, maybe even hours. Last year I worked at the popcorn stand but this time I managed to avoid having to actually work at the carnival, although I did agree to make a cake for the cakewalk. So I have to do some baking today too.

Today's painting is of a barn about a mile from my home. I drive past it almost every day and have painted it from different angles several times. I included it in a post on February 20 and you can see it here. The image below is a view from the other side and is an older piece, painted in the fall of 2004. The barn is actually red in real life, but clearly, reality is not my primary goal when painting. Blushing Barn was just sold by Anderson-Soule Gallery in Concord, NH.

Just another bit of super fascinating Tracy/painting/barn trivia to get you through the weekend. heh.

Rt.26 Barn, 2004, Oil on Panel, 5x5

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william wray said...

Tracy I really like your work. Reminds me of Wolf Kahn, but a little more solid. I look forward to seeing more work from you. I'm actually working toward something simpler like this.