Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gallery Reception vs NYC Weekend

Forest Edge, 2005, Oil on Panel, 20x20

Doug and I have been trying to decide about what to do this weekend. We were planning to take the kids and spend a few days in NYC. But Doug has been there for the last two weeks, doing back to back trade shows and he is burned out on the city. Also, I am feeling that I should go to an opening of a group show that I am in. I always try to go to the openings of these shows, I feel that it's part of my job as an artist and that it's important to support the efforts of the gallery. On the other hand, Doug's company had rented an apartment and this is the last weekend we could stay there, so we are giving up the chance to stay in NYC for free, if we don't go. What to do?

As of today, we have decided not to go. I am secretly glad. We can all cozy up at home and not be all stressed out trying to maneuver 4 kids through the city. Also, if I can find a sitter (I have to try my back up sitters as Mary Jo is unavailable) Doug and I will both go to the opening reception at The Main Street Gallery in Groton.

We always enjoy going to the openings there. The owners, Roger and Adrienne are really interesting. They are both artists and similar to Doug and I, made a big lifestyle change and plunked themselves down into a small community in upstate NY. They bravely opened a fabulous gallery in Groton, which is near Ithaca, and have proceeded to bring art, as well as attention to that quiet little town.

I have shown my work at The Main Street Gallery several times. The first competition that I was ever accepted into was their Regional Small Works Painting Exhibition in 2004. A few months later I participated in their Spring Group Exhibition (2005) and then I had a solo show there last September (today's painting was on the invitations for that show). Roger and Adrienne really do a great job with publicity and they put a lot of energy into getting visitors in to the gallery. Several articles were written in the area's newspapers and publications about my solo show as well as a review (it was positive, thank goodness!) in the Syracuse Post Standard. And again this year my work is included in the Annual Spring Group Exhibition, March 17-April 23rd. The reception on Saturday, March 18, 5-8pm.

By the way, check out The Thinking Eye. Artist and blogger Arthur Whitman has also shown at the Main Street Gallery, today he has posted his vibrant and colorful paintings that were included in last December's Small Works Show.

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arthur said...

Thanks for the mention and he kind comments about my work. I like your work--which I saw at the Main Street last fall--although I'm tempted to say that its a little too reminiscent of Kahn's. "City Street at Dusk" looks interesting.