Monday, March 20, 2006

Main Street and Middle Age

Finally! I can post an image!

Early Spring Morning, 2006, Oil on Panel, 9x12

Doug and I had a great time at the opening at the Main Street Gallery on Saturday night. There was a good sized crowd, good food and and an exceptional variety of art. Alas, we were in a rush to leave the house and we forgot the camera, so I have no photos of the event to post. Arthur of The Thinking Eye has posted a few on his site. Doug and I both chatted with Arthur throughout the evening and it was nice to meet him in person after having read his blog for awhile. I spent some time catching up with Roger and Adrienne, the gallery owners, but mostly I talked with Crista Pisano, another artist in the show. Crista is a young artist, a few years out of school and I'd say we are at a similar point in our careers. Uh, except that I am pretty close to technically being able to be her mother. Anyway, we spent most of the time comparing our work habits, exhibiting and gallery stories, and discussing materials and studio space. It was so nice to talk about these things with another artist, it's not something I am able to do very often, and certainly not in my daily life.

Our nice evening out was capped off with a long, slow and harrowing drive home in a late winter snowstorm. The two hour drive took almost four, Doug felt ill from the changing barometer (he is sensitive to that) and I had vertigo and motion sickness from looking into the snow while watching the road. Sunday we both felt slightly hung over from being out so late. Yes, midnight is now late to us. We are just loving this whole middle age thing.

P.S. Thanks to Arthur for discussing my work on the post that he wrote Saturday night, directly after the opening. Clearly, HE has not reached middle age yet.

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