Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stella is a Sicilian Buttercup

It took me awhile to accept that what I was hearing from the oldster's chicken coop last winter was a rooster crowing. I was convinced that it was just the crowing from the hen house in the back of the house, bouncing off the hills that surround us. But finally I just couldn't ignore the distinctive sounds of a rooster's crow and the little chicken that suddenly looked like a beautiful rooster.

StuStella, mid crow:

And so turns out that Stella is actually Stu. And not only is he not a she, he is not a bantam either; he is a regular rooster, a Sicilian Buttercup rooster to be exact. Although, you shouldn't take my word for it, clearly I can't tell a boy from a girl, or a bantam from a standard, if slightly rare breed. Frankly, I could still be wrong since I simply looked at my chicken books and found a picture that looks like StuStella, which is what we call him. Well, mostly. I still think of him as Stella and sometimes call him Stella out loud just so I can keep doing the Marlon Brando thing. heh.

StuStella is a really nice rooster. Especially compared to the two nasty ones that rule the new flock with an iron claw and have worn off nearly all of the hen's feathers with their um, aggressive passion. Stustella is not quite as friendly with me as he was when she was a chick and eating out of my hand and perching on our hands and shoulders, but he is not at all mean or threatening to me or to his ladies. And he's got to be a bummed that he is in with the geriatric crowd (5 and 6 year old hens, yikes!). But he watches over them carefully when they are free ranging and is very gentle and brief when he occasionally gets some action. I get the feeling sometimes that the hens are just humoring him by letting him think he is in charge, because after all, they were quite independent for over a year after their last guy died and they did quite fine on their own.

Surrounded by his ladies::

So anyway, now we are a three rooster family which is at least one and maybe two too many. StuStella is staying though, one should never let a good guy go. Plus he is a good reminder to me that I don't know everything and that sometimes I don't know anything!

Hmmm, maybe StuStella should have his own facebook page and twitter account?????


Deborah Paris said...

Love your chicken posts Tracy. More please :)

Ruth Armitage said...

He is a beauty, even if he isn't female :) And he looks very Italian... suave, debonair, the works! I'm hoping we don't have any roosters in this year's new chick population! Our last one met his fate on top of the kitchen range.

Tracy said...

Deborah, guess I COULD give an update on the new flock;)

Ruth, he does look very italian, I didn't really see that before;) Yeah, it's always a crapshoot when there is a rooster, we have had good ones and bad ones, but one thing I do know is that two in a flock is bad news. Just haven't been able to decide what exactly to do with the second one......

SamArtDog said...

Not every rooster can pull off being a Sicilian Buttercup; it takes real spurs.

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

LOL! Great post!