Monday, October 4, 2010

Taxes and Twittering, Twittering and Taxes

Barn Study #244, 4"x6" Oil on Panel, 2010

So today I am (supposedly) going to finish up putting together all my deductions for 2009 so that I can send it all off to the accountant. Yes, Doug and I are somewhat lame in that we never get our taxes done in April, October is our April. In Doug's defense, his side of things is somewhat complicated and it is a real challenge to get it all together by April. I don't really have a defense for myself; there about 10 ways that I could do a better job of compiling my info throughout the year so that on January one, viola! It is all ready to go! However, I admit to being a complete and total procrastinator in general and particularly when it comes to anything tax related. We are doing pretty good this year however, our accountant will have 9 whole business days to put together our return which is about 6 more than we usually give him. heh.

And since taxes and all tax related talk is right up there with fingernails scratching a blackboard, I will end this very brief post with something silly and happy. Like twitter, what could be happier than twitter???? ha. Last night during some crazy tax induced haze, I opened a twitter account, which is pretty much how I ended up on Facebook too. I do not need any more reasons WHATSOEVER to be sitting on my behind in front of the computer but well, now I have one another one anyway. Still not entirely sure what I am doing there nor do I understand the etiquette yet (am I supposed to follow everyone who follows me? is it rude to block people/organizations who follow me and are clearly trying to get me to open bad bad links? and how the heck does this work with my blog and facebook pages? isn't everyone going to be super sick of me between all these things? I don't think I have enough interesting things to talk about!) but since I might possibly qualify as an attention ho, I may as well go with the flow so if you are also a twitterer maybe you'll see fit to follow me.

How is THAT for an invite????? hehe.

PS. The above painting is available, along with a bunch of other new ones, at my sales blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy
You have a new follower - I'm also very new to this whole twitter lark - and to blogging for that matter.
Hope you get the taxes sorted.

Carol Lee Beckx said...

Hi Tracy
I didn't want to be anonymous - that got decided for me!