Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Bird

Black Underneath, 10"x8" Oil on Birch Panel, 2010

So I have done little to nothing in the last few weeks while "recovering" from preparing for two almost back to back events. I haven't really caught up on house and yard stuff, although I have done the basics. Mostly I have been working on my taxes, cleaning up my studio and packing and shipping out small paintings. Have had quite a good run on sales lately!

But I am trying reallyreally hard to NOT waste all this time, this time. I was incredibly unproductive during my last slow period between shows and I don't particularly like how I feel about myself when I allow that to happen. I just get so overwhelmed by how much I WANT to do, that I can't do anything. Dislike!

I literally do not have anything on my schedule until next April. As much as I think I would like to keep all this free time to do whatever I want, the reality is that I really need structure and deadlines in order to stay productive. Things do often just come up at the last minute, but it's crazy to be depending on that happening so what I need to do first is to send out my info, applying for competitions, etc.

And as far as actual painting goes, um cause that is what I do, right now I am leaning towards focusing on the 'People You Know' series again and trying to get them to work better in a smaller format, like 8"x10". But first I must actually get some more 8x10 panels....

Until I get those (must order them today), I think I will work on the squares that I have left over from this project that I began at the Vermont Studio Center last winter.

Starting on those tomorrow. Heh.


helen said...

Love your work. I am originally from Rochester but now live in Oregon.

Jala Pfaff said...

Really lovely. Also love the more recent painting too.