Monday, August 23, 2010

Dipping my Toes in the Water

Line of Trees, 6"x12", Oil on Birch Panel, 2010

So I guess I might be the stubborn sort. I want to keep this blog going even if I have been moving further and further away from it lately. Maybe it's all the fame and fortune it brings me that lures me back???? No, probably not that, hehe.

But there is something here, because every day for the last few months I kept thinking that I should write a new post even though I didn't really feel like it. Maybe I just needed a good long break to reassess. It has also occurred to me that maybe, and it's a real longshot, I have become totally sick of talking about myself all the time. Maybe I am preferring the short sound bite style mentions of myself and my activities that I post on Facebook. The ones that seem to fulfill the same need to express what I am doing, but take much less time and thought and get much more immediate feedback. Or maybe 4+ years for a blog is a really good run and I should close it up. Just a few of the many theories that I have been pondering in the last two months.

Well whatever the reason, here I am again and I will keep trying to find my balance in all this social media stuff until some sort of answer clunks me in the head.

Ok, so here is a brief update on life in Tracyland during the last few months:

-new hen house in the garage
-45 new egg layer chicks
-raised 40 meat chickens
-drove my kids everywhere everyday
-kids at summer camp and at Outward Bound at various times, but never at the same time
-husband out of town on our 17th wedding anniversary
-signed up to participate in a community yard sale day then bailed out because we were overwhelmed by all the sorting that had to be done
-read 'Open' by Andre Aggassi, my love
-mucho gardening but mucho problems with critters and weeds
-The Fabulous Beekman Boys
-me sending paintings to a new gallery for a try out
-me getting the paintings back after they received ZERO interest from customers
-one of my black paintings being accepted into a national juried show
-the start of a new series of portraits that I am SUPER excited about
-spending July and August preparing for a solo show in September
-a few shows added to my schedule for 2011
-and signing up to do several things I have avoided in the past which could be good but I am doing them mostly because the art business has been pretty slow again this year.

The list of things that I have NOT done this summer and should have, is much, MUCH longer.

So who wants to hear more about what? Speak up, otherwise the next post will be all about raising meat chickens. heh.


Barbara J Carter said...

To be honest, I'd love to hear about raising meat chickens! (So maybe I'm weird.)

Jason and Kristin said...

I'm not a facebooker so I only have the blog to see what you guys are up to! I especially love hearing about your family and I'm always impressed with your gardening and chicken ventures. I think you and your family are amazing and I love hearing what's going on!!!!

Jefffrey said...

With all the recent dramatic events surrounding eggs, perhaps you will have to create an egg blog.
Just a little something else to add to your to do list!

Robyn said...

Well I've missed your beautiful paintings popping up in my Google Reader and I would feel terribly pushy trying to make friends with you on Facebook. Maybe everyone will get cracking and tell you how much your blog is appreciated - and your writing.

Jeff said...

Raising meat chickens is FOWL! Kidding, chicken is my favorite food. do you do it?

Denise R said...

I have missed your blog posts even though I follow you on facebook. I know it is time consuming to post, but I really enjoy hearing what is going on with you AND seeing your work at the same time!

SamArtDog said...

YAY! Tracy's back in Blogland with another wonderful painting and more fun than a barrel of chickens! Thanks to your Henhouse Chronicles, I'm in cahoots with a neighbor's urban coop and loving the antics of "the girls", as well as the occasional double-yolker. However, our city mothers and fathers don't look too kindly on meat chickens here in town, so your blog would quite conveniently fill the bill.

Like Jason and Kristin, I'm not a facebooker either, so I'd never buy your art there. But I am one of your biggest blog fans, so I did buy your art there. It admittedly wasn't a huge sale, but it was two, count em two, pieces I never would have seen, let alone purchased, on Facebook. I'm just sayin'...

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

I'm on FB too, but I definitely prefer the blog format. I like this booklike presentation, the plot of each post, the photos with the text around them, well, it's more reader-friendly. And I also like that Tracy's blog is about Tracy. It's very different from the FB format with all those people interfering and those long lists to scan.
I could cope with an occasional post about meat chicken too... honestly !

Kesha Bruce: said...

I too vote for the meat chicken blog post.

Eh, we can talk art any old time.

Kim Hambric said...

Me, I'm interested in it all. I love to see the connection between making art, having a family, and farm life. Facebook is fun. But its like really wanting some chocolate and being offered an M&M. Not enough.

Robin Roberts said...

as long as you paint, we love anything you blog about

Neysa said...

Well I just got here and I already enjoy this place. Your work is lovely. Your blog reminds me of New York, which I miss a lot.

Ann K. said...

I'm so glad you're back to the blog!! I really enjoy your blog posts so much more than the little bits on Facebook. It's like the difference between chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and a brownie. The brownie is good and tasty, but oh, the chocolate cake...I like reading more of what you're thinking about your art and the personal things you care to share with us virtual friends. By the way, I was thrilled to read that one of the black paintings is going into a juried national show. Congratulations, Tracy!

Pam Holnback said...

I am another one that is glad you are back. I love your paintings, your farm life, your animals.

Tara said...

I love you blog and your art. My favorite thing is seeing your art in progress and pictures of your studio. I'd be very interested to hear about how you decide what you're going to paint or what you do with artist's block (if you ever have it!!) I've been struggling with that- I go into the studio and can't keep myself there. I do NOT want to hear about meat chickens, but I think I'm getting out voted by the other folks who are reading! That's ok- I can just read the art posts. I just want you to keep blogging!