Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Books

Wrap Around, 2007, Oil on Panel, 18x24

Today I am basking in the glow of a very lovely last few days with my family. Our time was spent finishing the stupid Christmas puzzle, watching silly movies, wrapping gifts, baking (I ate way too many frosted sugar cookies, bad girl!) and just hanging out.

My studio was quiet and nearly forgotten, poor thing. But my fabulous husband gave me two books which will ease me back into work over the next few days. One was a book about Monet, which is quite different than the other book of his work that I have. This one shows the details of his business-sales records, receipts, influences, travels, personal papers like letters and photographs, it is so amazing to see those items and it's good to be reminded that even artists like Monet had to deal the with the more humdrum things like paperwork.

The other is a wonderful book about Richard Diebenkorn. I have been a fan of his work and am now especially interested in his figurative work as I am thinking that I will be focusing on that while I am at the Vermont Studio Center in February. Anyway, this book describes his background and the images of his work are just amazing.

And for my birthday a few weeks ago, Doug gave me a book of etchings, mostly portraits, by Lucian Freud. It too has been very inspiring, if a bit disturbing. Which I love, by the way.

I have another laid back day ahead of me, although I do plan to putter around in the studio a bit. Even though I am finished painting, I do need to paint the panel cradles and put hangers on about ten pieces. And as I have now learned from Monet, there is always the paperwork to do.


Lorna said...

Richard Diebenkorn links is broken.

Tracy said...

Thanks Lorna, I fixed it. Blogger is SUCH a perfectionist:)

Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Tracy,
what do you think about the paintings of Lucian Freud? I am somewhat astonished that you seem to be fascinated by him because what I have seen from your work, his works are quite disturbing and disquieting - complete contrast to your work - even could be some nightmares in their grotesques. I am just curious about this.

Sheree Rensel said...

Tracy, I went to Vermont Studio in 1988! YIKES!! Time flies! It is SO UNBELIEVABLY wonderful. You will have so many great memories of your experience. Bring your snuggies though. I was there in January and I remember icicles in my nose!! LOL LOL :-)
Sheree Rensel

brian edmonds said...

If you are interested in his figurative work you should look at the link below. The book by Gerald Norland is also a good book on Diebenkorn. Go to and check out her work. Google Elmer Bischoff and Roland Petersen.

gr said...

lucky dog, going to the Vermont studio center.....

Tracy said...

Hi Petra, I think I will write a post about your question! Next week, maybe.

Sheree, you must have been only 12 when you went, right?:) I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time their, I have literally heard nothing negative from anyone about it. And I am totally shopping for warmer clothes.

Hi Brian, thanks for the links and names, I will check him out. I do already have the book you linked to, it is also one of my favorites and is the one that got me started on Diebenkorn. Thanks!

Gary, I know, such a lovely break from my real life:)

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