Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just Chatting Today

Sunny Slope Farm, 2006, Oil on Panel, 18x24

Well, today the water has subsided, thanks to the fact that it stopped raining about midday yesterday. A nearby town that was really affected, is still in pretty bad shape. Supposedly FEMA will be helping out our county, but I am not so sure that that will be a plus. Our basement is ok, and this has all just given us yet another reason to get down there to clean it. Uh, actually Doug will be cleaning it. I don't do basements, especially creepy old house basements.

Bart sent me an interesting link today. Someone in Brazil viewed his blog and mine through a program translating them into Portuguese. If you are interested in seeing my blog in a language you probably don't know, you can see it here. I noticed this link in my stats and thought I must be so cool for someone to actually make an effort to translate my words. However, if they don't return, I will have to face the fact that I am just not all that fascinating. heh.

I managed to get some work done yesterday. While the kids didn't interrupt me much (sick of me already after just a few days of summer vacation, I guess), I was really restless while I worked and kept getting up to do other things. I have noticed this trend in my painting habits over the last few months. I used to be really focused, working at my easel for hours without getting up, finishing my days work in several hours. But more recently, I usually work for a half hour or an hour, get up, do laundry, work again for an hour, then check the computer, go back to the easel for awhile then get up again to water the garden or feed the pets. All of this up and down has really stretched out my workday. At first this stressed me out, but then I realized that I was getting just as much done by the end of the day and the quality was the same, if not better. So I am going with the flow now. But I am starting to suspect that my forty-something old muscles keep making me get up so they won't atrophy.

Today's image, above, is a barn I just finished yesterday and I am quite pleased with its minimalist qualities. This is a barn that I saw on my drive to Woodstock when I was attending the figure drawing classes last spring. In real life it's a white barn with a dark green roof, it has more windows and the name "Sunny Slope Farm" is printed on the side with the shadow. Otherwise it looks just the same. heh. It will be in the show in Cape Cod in August. Ya'll are getting a good preview for that show here-much of the new work that I have recently posted will be in that show.

I experimented with an underpainting using the Gamblin paint that I mentioned the other day. It's just a tiny little thing and a simple image, I just wanted to see how the new color works with the rest of my palette and the glazes. The color difference is minimal, probably not noticeable to anyone but me, and I even like it. So tomorrow I will do a batch of underpaintings that I will actually be able to continue working on, on Monday, instead of waiting until 2007 for them to dry.

Untitled, 2006, Oil on Panel, 3x3


pattyaltier said...

I recently have found your blog site and I LOVE YOUR PAINTINGS!!! My income is limited but maybe I could afford the little 3 x 3! I am a artist-want-to-be, but so far my painting is pretty awful. I am a self taught quiltmaker and have been very successful at that. I just thought I needed to expand my horizons.

Tracy said...

Hi Patty, Glad you found my blog and left such a nice comment! It's so great that you are trying new things, I admire that. What kind of painting are you doing?

Anonymous said...

Glad the water has subsided Tracey. Nice paintings today too.

amber said...

I love that little 3x3 your underpainting is inspiring me to do the same the heat really shows through

The Epiphany Artist said...

Thats 3 foot by three foot right ? or 3 inches ??? LOL!!

tracyh said...

Thanks Lauren and Amber, for the kind words.

Terry, it's 3 inches. Just a test so I kept it small.

Shan said...

Hi Tracy,

Hope your county is beginning to recover from the flooding and your studio schedule is back on track.

Lovely paintings, as usual.

Tracy said...

Thanks Shan, things have gotten much better here, but it will be awhile before the crumbled roads get fixed, I think. After seeing what is going on in other areas like NE PA and Maryland, I don't feel that I should be complaining anymore. Those places have had terrible flooding.

The next two weeks will be crunch time for me!

microcosmonaut said...

I live in Pittsburgh, so I have seen your paintings in Boxheart. I just stumbled upon your blog. Your work is beautiful. Such rich and soothing colors.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Microcosmonaut. I am happy that someone, somewhere has actually seen my work in person! Glad you stopped by the blog and commented.