Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy Corsage Girl

Crazy Corsage, 2009, Oil on Gessoed Paper, 12x16

So this is the third of the most recent group of portraits from the People You Know series. I have mixed feelings about it, I like the face and gesture, but am not thrilled with the dress and not sure about the corsage. But I am going to move on to the next batch anyway, and hopefully bring along only the good parts from these last few portraits. I wish!

That's it for today's post as I have a rocking headache tonight. This morning I spent two hours in a dentist chair having two molars prepped for crowns. Luckily, no root canal was necessary in the really bad tooth, although there was some "rebuilding" involved there which worries me a bit. Heh. Anyway, I had plenty of novacaine and have some great relaxation techniques (thanks Bradley Method!) to get through crap like that, but now the novacaine has worn off and my head hurts, my jaw and tongue hurt and all my teeth seem to hurt too. Tonight, I feel incrementally better, but today was a lost day and I really didn't accomplish anything. Hoping a good nights sleep will get me back on track tomorrow, I have so much to do!!!


Katherine Kean said...

I like it - she wears a wonderful expression!

So sorry to hear about the headache - two hours is too long at the dentist. Hope you feel all better.

Cheryl McCarley said...

This portraits great! I like the corsage and dress and I like how you put the light color to the left background.

Funny, I too was at the dentist yesterday. Only for an hour though, I was having two teeth prepped for onlays, that's like a partial cap. My jaw hurts today.

Look forward to the next portrait!

Natalya said...

crazy corsage girl is wonderful... hope your head is better!

Shanster said...

Take care o' yourself! I hope you feel like a new woman tomorrow!