Friday, February 27, 2009

Chicken Eggs

Just stopped in this morning to post a photo of our beautiful fresh eggs. Lisa Call has really been jonesing for more chicken info and this is the best I can do right now. The chicken house is still surrounded by snow and muck and so they are still housebound, poor things. As soon as the ladies can get out to free range I'll take a few pictures of them. The chickens do look wonderful and so refreshed after their recent molting induced makeover. Heh.

I will be going to Albany this weekend for my daughter's swim meet which I am looking forward to. I get to spend time with my very cool 11 year old, plus I get some chat time in with the other parents, while we sit and sweat in a sauna like pool area waiting for our kid's events. However I am a bit worried about missing a few more days in the studio. I have a number of paintings ready for my upcoming show, but I sure would feel better if I were further along. I am really going to have to buckle down and crank out some work in the next few weeks.

Also, I just wanted to thank all my lovely readers for such nice comments and support during the recent anonymous comment hubbub. I am grateful to have such wonderful friends and fellow artists here. Thanks!

And have a good weekend, all!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I dig that bowl, what can you tell us? Looks quite good with the eggs too.

Shanster said...

Love the eggs... makes me miss having chickens. Have a great weekend!

Sydney Harper said...

I was busy and missed the whole anon hubbub. I'll just say that I like your People You Know series because I do tend to fill in the stories with people I know.

Love the eggs! A friend brought us some eggs from his chickens the other day. Now I have chicken envy. ;) Have a great weekend!

Deborah Paris said...

Oh no! I'll have to keep Steve away from your blog or we will have chickens again before I can say ....poop.

Have a fun weekend!

Tracy said...

gary, ahh my favorite bowl. Celadon green, ceramic bowl with a spirally texture. i bought it from the arts org that I volunteered at in Utah, it was made by a university student and it was a steal at $45. I love it and it is perfect for our eggs. I keep it next to the sink and that's where we keep the eggs. usually there is chicken shit on the eggs so the whole thing doesn't usually look this nice, but I washed them up for the picture:)

Shanster, good time of the year to get some chicks! I am getting a new flock in a few months.

Thanks Sydney, that is exactly the effect that I hope for with this series. I know, I got fresh eggs from a neighbor and immediately decided to get own chickens. I have hen house envy though, wish we had a bigger/better hen house.

Deborah, Doug is totally in charge of the chicken poop:) I can shovel it if I have to but, hey, he eats the eggs too!

Stacey Peterson said...

You always make me feel guilty about all the hours my poor parents spent sitting through swim meets when I was younger. They really are dreadfully long and boring, even if you're competing. At least you've got some other parents to chat with =)

Lisa said...

Woohoo - eggs!

Thanks for the update.

My parents had to sit through gymnastics meets in high school - I put my daughter into non-competitive classes :)

Kim Denise said...

Hi Tracy! I've seen your work at The Harrison Gallery--and loved it--but didn't find this blog until Katherine Tyrrell mentioned it. I've been browsing through and enjoying it very much. I wish I could be half as productive as you are. My show follows yours and I'm starting to stress about being ready! (which of course explains why I'm browsing blogs rather than painting...)

I just wanted to say hello, and express a tiny bit of envy for those beautiful fresh eggs :)

Kim Hambric said...

Two of my favorite things together. Eggs and bowls. There is something about those shapes -- I feel so comforted seeing them.

Tracy said...

Stacey, chatting AND knitting! I manage to get those things accomplished at meets and I like them for that. Don't feel too guilty, I suspect your parents got a bit teary eyed and almost busted open with pride, just as I do, while watching their daughter swim her events:)

Lisa, Oy, gymnastics! My youngest daughter wants to get more involved in gymnastics, but I have cleverly steered her away from that. She is already dragging us to soccer and basketball games.......

Hi Kim, beautiful work! Thanks so much for your kind words and so cool that you also show at The Harrison Gallery. I hope I can see your show there. Tough for me to get out very often but I will try:)

Thanks Kim. A lot of ovals here, that's for sure:)