Monday, September 24, 2007

I Got Nothing

Blue Line, 2007, Oil on Panel, 14x18

Nothing to talk about today, that is.

The weekend passed in a haze of soccer games, yard work, cleaning, and cooking, all superimposed on the most heartbreakingly beautiful fall days ever.

During all of that, I decided yet again, to rearrange my daily schedule so that I get to work in the morning and leave the afternoons for catching up in the office, including writing my posts and reading blogs. Um, starting today. Surely I will stick with it this time, right? ha. I did ok this morning, although I didn't get to actually painting until about noon. I did get a good walk around the block in first thing, which is something I have been neglecting lately and then I had to putter around a bit before I could settle in to work (sometimes puttering is totally necessary).

Maybe I'll do better tomorrow though and get started earlier.

But watch out, I begin my downward slide into negativity and pessimism each day around late afternoon and so my posts may reflect that. Heh.


mary klein said...

This painting is luscious - those reds are incredible - and I love the title because I'd missed the blue line at first glance - and now I can't not see it - very, very nice.

Tracy said...

Thanks Mary. And the blue line is even more intense in person, at least on my screen the image is rather subdued.

MadameK. Located in said...

Tracy! Oh my God, you're a ...*gasp* ... morning person?

Say it ain't so.

p.s. When are you going to do a book on your painting technique so I can learn some fancy new stuff?

Tracy said...

Madame K, I have become a morning person, entirely against my will. Children, an early bus arrival, chickens and hungry pets have forced me to go against my natural inclinations and get up each morning at 6am. I hate it. I'd much rather work in the later part of the day but I am usually too tired by then.

And what? Give away ALL of my secrets? Never:)

Cindy Hesse said...

Tracy I came across your blog by way of the art4u directory. Your paintings are beautiful! Reading your post about not being about to slep past 7am and your mood sliding after noon sounds so much like me. It's good to know their are others like yourself in this great big world. Have a great day! Cindy