Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One Mystery Solved

I finally have an answer to the big mystery about why there have been so many hits to my blog that were a result from a search for "the next to last performers at Woodstock". I had guessed that is had been a topic on a message board somewhere, but a very kind fellow, Jim from Syracuse, just emailed me and said that it had been a question in a crossword puzzle in last Thursday's issue of the New York Times.

I have also been wondering about another batch of hits and maybe someone can help me out again. I have been getting a lot of hits from a message forum at philzone.org and it seems as if my link was posted there, based on the fact that they are all going to my post about seeing Phil and Friends. I couldn't find the thread on the site (there are hundreds of threads, too many to go through), and can only hope that my link was posted in a positive context! Especially since I wrote about the concert and am not really a big fan.