Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Just wanted to add a few links to blogs that have recently discussed framing. There are more, I am sure, I just can't recall them right now. Please feel free to post any frame related blog links in the comment section. I find it very interesting to hear how artists handle their framing issues.

I Landscape
Studio Pen and Paint
Ed Maskevich


arthur said...

Its a bit of a stretch, but Karl Zipser ("Art and Perception") wrote two posts about the internet as frame for artworks.
is the most recent one.

Tracy said...

Interesting post Arthur. Thanks for the link. I usually prefer the simple design approach for blogs, websites and galleries for most of the art I see, as well. But I have to admit that I sometimes enjoy and admire a really "busy" website and I really appreciate a well decorated and colorful gallery as a backdrop for art as well.